Introducing JC&C Bowers Holdings Ltd.

JC&C Bowers is a British technology company that develops Internet of Things and Connected-World Applications. The company has designed and created a secure connected-device platform that enables devices to interact with each other, which multiple businesses in the automotive, insurance, energy and construction sectors can embrace and monetise.

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About City One Securities 
City One Securities is a Boutique Private Equity House based in London which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FRN 146908)

What we do and why we do it.

We specialise in various areas of the Financial Services market such as: raising start up or expansion finance for qualifying investee companies, a traditional boutique approach to corporate finance and advisory services to corporate clients seeking to list on junior markets. At a time where banks provide limited liquidity to Small to Medium Enterprises, we feel the entrepreneurial community should have the opportunity to fund their business plan. The management teams with whom we work are typically innovative, inspiring and cutting edge.

Traditional approach

We take a traditional approach when dealing with our private or professional clients with the view to building a long term professional relationship. We aim to provide the retail and institutional client with the best small cap private equity investment opportunities available. We are not stockbrokers, an IFA or Wealth Management firm. We do not advise or recommend stocks; we simply present you with an appropriate investment opportunity; therefore, the decision to invest is solely and rightly yours.

putting people first

As a client of City One Securities, you will be assigned a relationship manager where there will be someone at the end of the phone or via email who can update you on previous investments made through our firm, answer any queries and be able to present appropriate opportunities. We take our approach to looking after our clients very seriously at the firm and we do this by being honest, assessing your appropriateness to the financial promotion we promote, being straightforward with you and not hiding behind financial jargon. We ensure all the risks, both generic and specific to each financial promotion, are made clear.

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Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) - What is it?

The UK government introduced the Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) in 1994 to encourage investment in riskier small companies. Investors in the scheme can get a range of tax benefits, including relief from income tax, inheritance tax and capital gains tax. In addition, any losses can be offset against earnings and/or capital gains, which is know as loss relief. 

what are the benefits of investing in an eis qualifying COMPANY? 

  • Access to investments in early stage companies.
  • 30% income tax relief, provided investment is held for a minimum of three years.
  • Potential for 100% relief on inheritance tax (available after holding investment for two years provided shares are still held at time of death)
  • Opportunity to defer a capital gain and eliminate it entirely if EIS shares are held at death.

what are the risks when investing in eis qualifying companies?

We always suggest you seek independent financial advice before making an investment in our products. We would, however like to do what we can to help to help a retail or institutional client, so here are some of the key areas to consider when making an investment:

  • Investment value can fluctuate
    EIS funded companies are generally known as high-risk. The value of any investment can rise or fall and you may not get back as much capital as you initially invested.
  • EIS status and circumstances may change
    The degree to which you can benefit from the EIS tax reliefs will depend on your individual circumstances. There is no guarantee that companies will always be EIS qualifying. If a company no longer qualifies for EIS, you may have to repay any tax relief claimed. The HMRC may also make changes to EIS Scheme in the future.
  • Long-term investment
    Generally a long-term investment is considered 3 years plus, therefore your IFA, Fund Manager or indeed you may find it difficult to find a buyer for your shares in a non-quoted company. If you were to sell your shares before the minimum 3 year holding period, you may have to pay back any income tax relief you have claimed during the holding.
  • Smaller company shares can be more volatile
    Shares in early stage companies or smaller companies   are generally more volatile and may be harder to sell than in quoted companies on the LSE.
For more information please request our Guide to Investment Risk
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The products which the firm promotes are to qualified clients only; they place your capital at risk and you may not get back the full amount invested. Tax treatment may be subject to change and depends on the individual circumstances of each investor. Tax reliefs and the availability of them depend on the invested company maintaining its qualifying status. Unquoted or smaller company shares are likely to have higher volatility and liquidity risks other types of shares on the main market of the London Stock Exchange 'LSE'. Neither past performance nor forecasts are a reliable indicator of future results and these should not be relied upon. The content of this website is not intended to constitute investment, tax or legal advice. We suggest you seek independent professional advice before making an investment into the products we promote.

City One Securities is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority FRN 146908